Your Shot isn’t JUST a DJ competition, it’s an EXPERIENCE. Over 6000 guys and girls can’t be wrong when they say it’s the best six weeks of their lives. And the best part about it? When you apply, you don’t need to have had ANY DJ experience whatsoever. So, how does it all work?



Firstly, sign up below (you can even enter with a buddy so you’re not alone!) Secondly, attend the registration day in your state so we can see if you’re a good fit for the competition. We look for a range of people and pride ourselves on picking an incredibly unique and diverse group of people each year!


When we say whirlwind, we really mean it! If you’re successful, you’ll have just SIX WEEKS with our trainers to master the craft of DJing. In this time they’ll teach you absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know to get you up on stage in front of thousands. During this time you’ll meet stacks of new friends that will quickly become family.


Once you have the training under your belt, you perform at a sold out event in your state. The nerves fade away and the lights, music, energy and passion quickly take over for the BEST 25 minutes of your life!


Our panel of experts pick the two best performers from the entire weekend and then all attention turns to the main stage for the battle off. One winner is picked and they go on to play at one of the hottest overseas party destinations, as well as winning a stack of other cool prizes…


So what are you waiting for?