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We caught up with RIGGAS, the WINNER of Your Shot ’13 in Brisbane to discuss all things Your Shot and Stereosonic!


Describe the feeling of walking out and standing behind the decks at Australia’s biggest festival, Stereosonic?

It was a pretty intense experience! Being behind the decks looking out at all the support that came, knowing that close by the biggest DJs in the world were playing and I was amongst them!


Talk us through your ‘Stereo Day’ – from when you woke up, to when you went to bed.

Well I was kind of lucky in that I played on Day 2 of Stereo. I went all out and had a massive day on the Saturday which pretty much sent me straight to sleep that night haha. But the moment I woke up on Day 2, the nerves hit me instantly. Everyone in the unit was pumped and ready for the day, but I was so nervous that I had to have a couple of drinks to calm me down. I sat by my computer all morning trying to work out the best music to play and try and set up the perfect playlist. I had done up some shirts with RIGGAS on them for my mates to wear and as soon as everyone was getting changed, reality started to sink in.

Finally we got to Stereo and there had been a slight mix up with what stage I was playing on. Luckily enough I got there just in time, and everyone was already there packing out the VIP stage.


Were you nervous? Scared? Excited? All of the above?

Once I started playing all my nerves went out the window!


Talk us through your set. What did you play?

I played a typical Stereo set full of heavy drops and vocals that everyone knew. I also snuck in a couple of my own bootlegs and mashups that made the experience that much more exciting and fulfilling.


Did you catch anyone else playing on the day? Who was your favorite act?

It was a bit of a blur after I played, too much excitement! What So Not were mad!



What did your mates think when you told them you were playing at Stereosonic?

After winning Your Shot it kind of all sunk in that I would be playing at Stereo. They were pumped for it and they might have been just a tad jealous too!


Why did you enter Your Shot?

I entered because I didn’t have the confidence to actually play in front of an audience. Whether that be at a party or in a club; I couldn’t even really play in front of friends or family! Your Shot gave me an opportunity to force myself to go out there and get on stage. It’s also a very hard industry to crack into and get a shot at playing in clubs. Your Shot was the perfect opportunity to know what it actually feels like to play to a crowd. It never actually crossed my mind that I would win it. My mate and I joked about not knowing what the prizes were that I had won, because it really was all about the experience!


What was the highlight of your entire Your Shot process?

Obviously winning would have to be the highlight. But apart from that, it would have to be the four crazy days I spent in Croatia. Seeing all the sights, travelling on speedboats and yachts, going to insane parties every night, either in castles, on boats or at their massive nightclubs. I was lucky enough to play every night there so it was a big leap from not being able to play in front of anyone. And of course the ladies over there were very friendly too haha.


If you could describe the Your Shot experience in one sentence, what would it be?

The most insane, life-changing thing I have ever done!


Any tips for this year’s interviewees/contestants?

If you have the genuine passion and drive for DJing and music in general then you will succeed.


Do you have any gigs coming up that we should look out for?

  • My feature night at the GPO Nightclub in Brisbane in May
  • At 633 Ann Street for their Flirt night in the next month
  • My residencies every weekend at: Brisbane’s BIGGEST Sunday session at the Normanby Hotel – some of their parties see 16,000 people come through the door. Or catch me at Icon Nightclub on the Gold Coast


Like RIGGAS, if playing at Australia’s BIGGEST festival Stereosonic as well as at one of the hottest venues overseas sounds like something you want to do, what are you waiting for? Register for Your Shot 2014 NOW!

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