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We caught up with Cee:Jay, the WINNER of Your Shot ’13 in Melbourne to discuss all things Your Shot and Stereosonic!


Describe the feeling of walking out and standing behind the decks at Australia’s biggest festival, Stereosonic?

It was a very surreal feeling. All the lights, loud music, people cheering for you.. it was everything I had wished for. I kept pinching myself! It felt like a dream!  


Talk us through your ‘Stereo Day’ – from when you woke up, to when you went to bed.

The morning of Stereo, I had butterflies in my stomach – it felt like my birthday almost! I woke up really early so that I could go over my set and just focus on everything that I had planned. Putting on my artist wristband was a surreal feeling; it was very very cool to be wearing it! Before we went, my friends and I had some drinks to settle the nerves. Everyone there was decked out in CeeJay gear and it was just an awesome feeling to have that support! As we made our way to Stereo the nervous feeling began to build. Pretty much as soon as we got there I was on stage. I just remember changing over with Katt Nial and the sound crew giving me the thumbs up before it was my go. Similar to YourShot, all the nerves left as soon as I pressed play and I just went for it!

I was concentrating really hard on my set and everyone was dancing, throwing their hands in the air and it was the best feeling seeing people dancing to the music you were playing. During my last song I came to the front of the stage and went crazy. Smoke was coming up from either side of me. Everyone was really into it and it was just an incredible feeling!

After the set all I remember was being surrounded by a pack of people jumping on me. I then got to enjoy the rest of the day and it was one of the best! Don’t really remember falling asleep that night – too much adrenaline!


Were you nervous? Scared? Excited? All of the above?

All of the above! I had every feeling in my body besides sadness!


Talk us through your set. What did you play?

My set was 50 minutes long so I wanted to try and create some sort of journey. I started with ‘Rockin Rolling’ by Fedde Le Grand. I remember hearing the song a while back in my car and I always said, if I ever got to play at a large festival, I would start with it. It is such a powerful song and it got the crowd jumping from the start.

Kaskade is my ultimate favourite DJ so I used a couple of his mashups which are insane! About halfway through, I started increasing the tempo as I wanted to finish with a bang. When I DJ I find it really important to play a few new tracks that people haven’t heard, one of them was Ray Ban by Whyel. That track is full of different tempos and it’s just an awesome track! I finished my set with Show Me Love vs Booyah and people just went nuts!


Did you catch anyone else playing on the day? Who was your favourite act?

As soon as I finished my set I went to Alesso, he was amazing! I spent the rest of Day 1 on the main stage. I have to say though my absolute favorite for the festival was Calvin Harris. Simply put… he just knows!


What did your mates think when you told them you were playing at Stereosonic?

Ahh they lost it! They were really excited, really happy for me and it just made the whole festival that much sweeter! Honestly I couldn’t have done it without them and I was extremely lucky and humbled by all the support they have given me throughout the amazing experience I’ve had.

Why did you enter Your Shot?

I entered YourShot because I had been djing for a year or so before the comp and wanted to have an opportunity to learn more, meet people within the industry and surround myself with people who shared my passion. I knew that if I really put myself out there, took in all the tips from our training and committed myself 100% on the day, I had a good chance of making an impression. For me, the most important thing I wanted to get out of the comp was to show that girls can DJ just as well as guys!


What was the highlight of your entire Your Shot process?

Of course the highlight would have to be winning! But the friends that I have made from it and the new opportunities that have arisen since then have been the highlights for me.


If you could describe the Your Shot experience in one sentence, what would it be?

An incredible and life changing 6 weeks with one massive party to cap it all off! I wish I could do it all again!!


Any suggestions for this year’s interviewees/contestants?

The best advice I could give is to be yourself throughout the whole process. Don’t second-guess the choices you make. Be original, take it all in and most importantly, HAVE FUN!


How’s that year’s supply of Red Bull going?

Haven’t slept since last year! Haha… It’s still there! I am about half way through! I think I have another 4-6 months of partying to go and then they should be finished.


Do you have any gigs coming up that we should look out for?

If you asked me about a month ago I would have said Future Music Festival! But I do have a few things exciting coming up – one of which is a new bar opening in about 6 weeks time in Prahran. I will be one of the resident DJs as well as running the Saturday nights there with an awesome team. Extremely excited!


Like Cee:Jay, if playing at Australia’s BIGGEST festival Stereosonic as well as at one of the hottest venues overseas sounds like something you want to do, what are you waiting for? Register for Your Shot 2014 NOW!

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