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Flukey, the overall Contestant winner of Your Shot Sydney in 2015 has made big waves since the competition, playing a host of gigs throughout Sydney as well as heading overseas to play at Your Paradise in Fiji.



Talk us through your time over at Your Paradise – from when you boarded that plane, to when you stepped foot off that island.

Your Paradise was ridiculous! I had never been to Fiji before so stepping onto Plantation Island was a whole new world. The concept of time completely disappears in Fiji and relaxation is a total priority. It was the perfect place to pre drink with my friends waiting for the first day of the festival to begin.

I got to the dance floor just as Nora was starting and just looking around the festival you could see how much work was put into turning a sandy beach resort into a tropical dance paradise. Coloured lights spiralled up every palm tree, the bars were stocked wall to wall and there were people everywhere. Cut Snake, Justin Martin, and Proxy closed the first night leaving everyone eager for what was to come over the next few days.
I killed time before the festival started each day by doing three things; swimming, laying in a hammock, and drinking! After the sun set, the beaches start to come alive and the tunes start pumping. The OWSLA take over was next level with the Carmada boys, What So Not, and AC Slater smashing sets through the night.

I played on Saturday, right around sunset which was one of the biggest nights at Your Paradise, all the patrons, as dusty as they were, pulled together for a giant final night of partying. Yolanda Be Cool was the highlight of the night closing Your Paradise in fashion with fireworks and fire dancers in the water!
It was definitely a sad feeling seeing everyone leave on the Sunday, myself and about 30 others were lucky enough to spend another night to enjoy the peace of the tropical Fijian island.


Describe the feeling of walking out and standing behind the decks at Your Paradise’s picturesque main stage?

It was an odd feeling stepping out onto the stage there, it felt like a time stood still as I climbed up onto the high platform. The stage was really tall so I could see the whole festival set up around me. Everyone I met in Fiji over the three days came out to see my set, it was an awesome feeling to see them all dancing amongst the crowd! I couldn’t help but think of all the incredible artists that had played on these very decks, artists that I look up to. That was a surreal feeling for me.


Were you nervous? Scared? Excited? All of the above?

I don’t think I was too nervous as I was walking up there, I’m not usually one to be. I had been pumping myself up for weeks so when the time finally came I could not wait to be up there in the spotlight. I always feel at home when I play, the only thing that really worried me was not being able to see the CDJ screen because of the sunset, but I guess you can’t really complain about something like that!


Talk us through your set. What did you play?

I usually play bass house and playing on a beach in Fiji at sunset didn’t really seem to be the best time for heavy music so I resorted back on my early DJing days and played a cool tropical house set. It was definitely one of the best house sets I’ve ever played, it was amazing to see how far the Your Shot training had improved my DJ skills.


Who was your favourite act over the three days?

Damn, that’s a hard question! There was so much hype over What So Not and Carmada and they both killed it, but my favourite set has to go to Motez. That man is straight fire! I can’t wait to see the new direction he is heading in with his production.


What did your mates think when you told them you were playing at Your Paradise?

It’s a really hard thing to talk to people about, all my mates knew how much I loved DJing and when I mentioned to them that I was getting the chance to DJ overseas they couldn’t believe it. The support I have received from my family and friends has really been next level and seeing some of their faces in the crowd at Your Paradise definitely made the experience even more memorable.


What was the highlight of the entire trip?

The whole trip itself was a highlight, there really was never a dull moment! But if I had to make a decision you can’t go past the reunion of Van She Tech. Floating around on the sunset cruise in Fiji listening to some of their old classic tunes really remind me when I got into DJing and nothing could have topped that.



Why did you enter Your Shot?

I initially tried out Your Shot in 2014, I already had a love for music and thought it would be a great opportunity to learn more. Unfortunately I didn’t make the cut and when my friends signed up for 2015, I thought I’d give it one more go. Because I had already been through the interviews before, it wasn’t as daunting and I felt a lot more confident in myself. This time I really knew where I wanted to take my DJ career and I was just lucky enough that the judges saw that potential in me.


What was the highlight of your entire Your Shot process?

It has to be the finals right?? I’ve never had an experience like it! A thousand or so people watching YOU and dancing to the songs you play. It’s true when they say that nothing could ever compare to that feeling.


How would you best describe your music style? Has it changed much in the past year since your set at Your Shot?

The best way to describe my music style is it’s very similar to a toddler on sugar. It’s fast, exciting and you never know what is going to happen next. I love the feeling of playing tunes that no one has heard yet just to see their reactions, and that’s how I’ve always felt so I don’t think it has changed too drastically since Your Shot. I am definitely more confident in myself though, I have always loved and played a whole range of genres and if you have ever seen me play you know that I can’t stand still and I am always moving. Never a dull moment.


How’s that year’s supply of Red Bull going?

When they say a years supply, they really mean a years supply! It’s the best feeling rocking up to a house party with a few cases of Red Bull, it definitely gets the party going.


Do you have any gigs coming up that we should look out for?

I have a few exciting gigs coming up soon so definitely keep your on the World Bar line up as well as some local and interstate venues.


What are your goals for the year ahead? Are you working on any new mixtapes/any original productions?

I just put out a new mixtape mid way through March that I am very proud of, I am always looking for new music and putting them in to playlists that will one day become mixtapes, they really are the best marketing tool a DJ has. I’ve been focusing a lot of my attention to working on original ideas though that I’ll be dropping into some sets through the year and hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have enough tracks to release my first EP!


Current favourite tune that you’ve been pumping into your sets?

Daggers is a Sydney producer who is killing it right now and very excited to see what new tunes he puts out. I was lucky enough to catch his set at The Wall the other week and it was incredibly inspiring. But right now his remix of ‘Waffle’ by DJ White Shadow is possible my favourite tune that I have definitely been pumping into my sets.


Any suggestions for this year’s interviewees/contestants?

If you are on the fence about whether or not you are going to go in for an interview, just do it. You really have nothing to lose and could be rewarded with a life changing experience. I am so glad that I entered Your Shot and wouldn’t change anything about my experience. My best advice for a contestant is play what is true to you. You don’t need listen to any other contestants set prior to event day and definitely don’t change your music based on other people opinions. Stay true to yourself!


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