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How would you best describe your music style? Has it changed much since your time at Your Shot?

If you held a gun to my head and made me choose, I’d confess that my heart definitely belongs to house. However, don’t be surprised if you hear me spinning everything from big room to dub in my sets. I am so lucky to have had a childhood surrounded by musical parents and siblings, so I grew up on everything from soul to rock. It’s helped keep my ears and mind open to everything, and that reflects pretty heavy in my sets / music style.


What are some of your favourite memories from early gigs post Your Shot?

Pinching myself before every set, thinking about how lucky I was to now be playing the clubs, gigs and festivals I’d spent the better part of my early years partying at. It hit hard at Stereosonic ‘12, the same year I entered Your Shot. After playing, I may or may not have, tricked security into thinking my local artist pass entitled me to more than it actually did and ended up with all the headline artists. The best thing about Stereosonic Brisbane is that it’s the last stop of the tour and the artists treat it much the same – think party! I ended up on the main stage for Tiesto’s close set, partying with Chuckie, Calvin Harris and a few more legends. I got to meet my hero Laidback Luke, and actually physically ran into Diplo. He apologised to me, and I couldn’t even speak.

Sorry (but a little bit not sorry), Stereosonic.
I promise I was really nice to everyone xx


What are some vital lessons you have learnt so far?

Stay humble, stay hungry and be friendly TO EVERYONE. We’re so lucky as DJs/producers to live, work and party in a creative world with likeminded people, we’re at the very base of it all, we’re expressing ourselves for the enjoyment of others. One person’s flavour may not necessarily be yours, but keep your mind open, your vibes positive and watch the whole scene benefit. Definitely drink lots of water too. You’re going to have some hangovers.


Music is such a huge part of who you are. What inspired you to start DJing/producing?

Music was bred into my blood, and I was always fascinated by DJs. Don’t tell my Mum (she actually knows now, because I love my Mum), but I copped a fake ID off an older kid at my school and was in the clubs from 16. The energy and vibe I discovered captured me straight away, and at the lead of that, was always the DJ. I had to do what they were doing, and Your Shot helped pave the way for that. I’ve been spinning ever since, and through that have naturally progressed to putting in some work with producer friends to learn that side of the game, and to try and craft out some of my own stuff.


Can you tell us one interesting fact most people wouldn’t know about you?

I guess the biggest one people always want to know is how I got the name ‘DipFroat’. I’m sure you can hear the sexual suggestion in the name, however, considering it was created around the same time and cemented at Your Shot, this might be the perfect place to make the true confession (there are about six different stories out there now).

The real story is … I was spinning beats for a hip-hop friend of mine (G-Money), and right before a show I told him how I used to do some busking as a sword swallower and actually suffered a pretty bad accident one day which brought an end to it all. Without getting into shitty details of how bad the accident was, and off the back of how sarcastic we both are, we turned the negative into a bit of a laugh and for that show he introduced me as DJ Deep Throat. I’d previously ridden under DJ Freeman, but that was so 2000 and late. Your Shot rego was the next week, and without a proper DJ name, that is the day DipFroat was born.


What’s the craziest thing you’ve witnessed while playing at a gig?

In the early days playing Sundays at the Boundary there was a lot of nudity, and drunken antics that I could almost write a book about, but one of the coolest / wildest things I’ve seen was at a UV paint party we were having at The Met. Now this place goes bonkas as it is, so add UV paint guns and the like, and the place was damn near falling apart. It was absolutely rammed and this guy in a wheelchair wanted in on the action, so he had his friends (and eventually the crowd) lift him up to crowd surf and get shot by everyone with the guns. We literally all looked at each other, this bloke floating on top of 1,000 people, and collectively drilled him. I’ll never forget the smile this legend had on his face, completely dominating the crowd while the music pumped through! Special moments like that last forever!


What do the next few months have in store for DipFroat?

I mentioned before about working with some producer friends, and was lucky enough to get a track signed with a good mate of mine last year, so we’re waiting on the release of that, possibly pushing out some more work under, and starting to gig under that duo. As far as Dippy goes, I’m working on hitting some of QLD’s northern cities, a couple of interstate gigs, and heading back to NZ again for another show. Continuing to grow and learn as a producer, making music, and gigging at my local spots in between. Then of course Your Shot is firing up again for an even bigger year in ‘16, so getting my hands dirty wherever I can there.


What would you be doing if you weren’t DJing?

I think if you asked most people in the game, they’d say I would probably be involved with AGWA somehow. It’s no secret how much I love the green leaf, so I’d make them hire me in a quality control capacity. Kane Freeman – Taste Technician. Always on the job, making sure every individual bottle is up to standard.


What is one piece of advice you would give someone thinking of registering for Your Shot?

To 100% give it your all. It changed my life, and has for so many others. You will make of it, what you will, and be that much better for it. Even just registering and interviewing you’ve already won, because you put yourself out there. That takes courage. If you’re lucky enough to make it through, embrace the journey, the people, and the whole experience. It’s over so quickly, but sticks with you for a lifetime. Also, take the Monday off work. SEE YOU ALL THERE! xx


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