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ELJAE is the overall Contestant Winner of Your Shot Brisbane in 2016! Having just returned home from her first international set at Snowbombing in Austria, we sat down with ELJAE to discuss the highlights of her time abroad, her experience in the Your Shot competition, suggestions for this year’s hopeful applicants and goals for the year ahead!



Talk us through your time at the 8000ft festival that is Snowbombing – from take-off to touching back down in Australia!

Snowbombing was incredible. I arrived there from Germany by train, and it all became real when I started to see all the snow-capped mountains from the train window. I stayed in the most adorable cottage, and the view from my room was absolutely insane – the window was like a picture frame. The next morning I walked up into the town and hired a bunch of ski gear and hit the slopes for a few hours. There were stages everywhere – in the town, up on the mountain. There was so much music and so many good vibes. I did a couple of days skiing and enjoying festival before taking a night off to plan my set. It was honestly one of the best experiences (as an artist and as an attendee) of my life, Snowbombing is definitely on my bucket list to return.


Talk us through your set. What did you play?

Although my main style is trap, I often play (and love) some funky/disco house sets – Snowbombing was perfect for this! House music I feel is a genre that is so easy to dance to so I kept my set interesting and changed it up a bit. I had some more recent jams from artists like PNAU and Bag Raiders but mixed it up with some old classics from people like Jamiroquai and Basement Jaxx and even threw in a couple of funk house remixes of some RnB classics!


What was the highlight of your time at Snowbombing?

The highlight for me was the snow! Being able to play a set with such an insane backdrop and go skiing in the same day was amazing. Snowbombing is such a different festival to anything I’ve ever experienced. To get to the venue I was playing, I had to catch a chairlift to the top of a mountain, from there I got picked up on a skidoo (like a jet ski for the snow) and was driven even further up the mountain. Once I arrived at the venue, I was greeted with a large beer and the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. They also had a vase of flowers for me which was adorable.


Did you meet any interesting people?

The festival experience was something new to me. I’m always really keen to see how everything works behind the scenes so it was cool to interact with the festival staff and other artists. I played just before Doorly, so we were able to have a chat before he took over the decks. It was cool to hear about all of the gigs and crazy scheduling they had lined up for him in the coming weeks, he was even heading to Australia to play Brisbane the same time I was heading home! Small world!


How did your friends and family react when you told them you’d be playing at Snowbombing?

They were so excited for me. I feel like as an overall experience, Snowbombing was an incredibly fulfilling journey for my music career, so I feel damn lucky to be chosen! It’s such a privilege and a fantastic opportunity to fly to the other side of the world to play a festival and also get to ski whilst there!


Why did you enter Your Shot?

Music is something that’s always been prominent in my life. And I’ve always been looking for opportunities to take things further. I can thank my parents for my diverse taste and knowledge in music, there was always music playing in my house growing up. Your Shot was something entirely different for me, having never touched CDJ’s and having never learnt mixing, it gave me the skills I needed to take things to the next level.


How has your life changed after winning Your Shot?

Before Your Shot, I had never even been out to a nightclub in Brisbane. Now, I’m out every weekend playing at my local residencies and enjoying Brisbane’s top clubs and venues, it has really opened my eyes to the electronic music industry in Brisbane – the music quality of the local DJ’s and producers is actually insane. Your Shot has given me the stepping stone I needed to get into this industry, and I’m forever grateful for it. My vision of what I want to do with my life is now clearer than ever, and it’s my experience at Your Shot that has helped me realise that.


What was the best part of the whole Your Shot experience?

I would say it is the people I’ve met. The whole team at Your Shot is so supportive through the whole process, and you really do make a whole new bunch of cool friends. I have so many friends from the competition and we continue to support each other on our music journeys where we can, whether it be giving feedback on production and mixes and also coming to gigs. Your Shot is like a whole little community, and even after the competition ended, I’ve been able to make friends with contestants from previous years. These friendships are so valuable – they can relate to everything you’re going through and offer so much great advice from their own experiences. Networking and new friends was the best part of Your Shot for me.


Has your music style changed since Your Shot?

Absolutely! Before Your Shot I didn’t even know what ‘Trap’ was, now it’s my favourite genre to play. I love to play trap that’s heavily ‘future bass’ oriented and has orchestral influences. I find this style of music insanely creative, and it’s a different style of mixing that I really enjoy. In my trap sets you’ll still find a couple of old school remixes like in my Your Shot set. It’s the stuff we all grew up listening to and I find it really fun to add those things into sets.


What are your goals for the year ahead?

My goal is to work on my own production and growing ELJAE as an artist/brand. I love playing my own selection of other people’s music. But I feel like there’s something really special about producing something of your own style to fit within all of that.


Where can people catch ELJAE playing?

You can catch me at Oh Hello! every weekend. Saturday’s for some funky house or on a Friday you’ll find me in my element – playing trap music. I also play at The Stock Exchange Hotel if an afternoon Sunday sesh is more your thing.


Any advice for people considering entering Your Shot?

Don’t stress too much – It’s not nearly as intimidating as you think it’ll be! Also, trust your gut. Play the tracks YOU want to play, and work your set out from there – it’ll come together much more organically. Your Shot was without a doubt one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and has 100% helped me get to where I am today.


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