Q&A: Joram Flynn

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Joram Flynn


Joram Flynn is the overall Wild Card Winner of Your Shot Melbourne in 2016! Since his time in the competition, Joram Flynn has gone on to secure several residences across Victoria and experienced his first international set at The BPM Festival in Mexico! We recently sat down with Joram Flynn to discuss the highlights of his time abroad, his experience in the Your Shot competition, suggestions for this year’s hopeful applicants and goals for the year ahead!



Talk us through the journey that is BPM Festival – from taking off to touching back down in Australia!

My BPM journey started in the early hours of the morning by flying from Melbourne to Cancun, Mexico. When I arrived at the airport I immediately felt a sense of excitement in the air. A driver picked me up at the airport to take me to my hotel and as we driving through the town of Playa Del Carmen where BPM is held, I could hear loud music, which I quickly found out was Solomun hosting a block party in the middle of the town! When I arrived at my hotel, I quickly showered, changed and went straight to Blue Parrot nightclub where Carl Cox was playing. The party went well into the early morning and was a great first night in Mexico!
The next 5 days was a blur of music, cheap food and beers and meeting people from all over the world. Each DJ I saw at BPM was incredible and provided inspiration for my own DJ set. As I was walking down the street towards the venue for my set, I don’t think I’ve ever felt more excited in my life… As I entered the DJ booth I saw a number of people I’d met throughout the week on the dance floor. The hour that I played felt like 5 seconds, it went way too quick! Overall BPM and Mexico is an amazing experience, I highly recommend everyone to go!


What was the highlight of the incredible experience that is BPM Festival?

On one of the mornings I saw 4 of my favourite DJs play a b2b set at 7am as the sun was rising and being in a crowd full of people from all over the world and they were all loving it as much as I was!


Did you meet any interesting people?

I was lucky enough to make some great friends at BPM who I’m still in touch with. It’s a very international crowd and everybody is so friendly so it’s a great place to network and meet new people!


How did your friends and family react when you told them you’d be playing at BPM Festival?

They were all so happy and supportive. I’m so thankful I’ve got so many close friends who love this music as much as I do and support me! Massive thanks to everyone who come along to my sets on the competition days!


What made you enter Your Shot?

I’d heard about the competition in the past and had always wanted to apply, it seemed like a great experience and it sure was! The best part about Your Shot is even if you don’t win the competition it’s still going to be an amazing time and a great insight into DJing!


How has your life changed after winning Your Shot?

I’ve gone from purely a bedroom DJ to playing a number of well known venues in Melbourne and interstate. I’ve event started my own events brand called ‘The Sound Project’ and am looking into starting my own booking and management company.


What was the best part of the Your Shot experience?

The amazing experiences you have and the people you meet through both the training course and the Event Days. From the interview day to the competition weekend to the BPM Festival, everything has been amazing and the YS team couldn’t be a friendlier group of people!


Has your music style changed since Your Shot?

My music style always changes as my knowledge of electronic music is constantly growing. The more sets you play, the more experimental you get and the more fun it is for you as a DJ. I always try to find new music that people haven’t heard yet to keep it interesting for me and the audience.


What are your goals for the year ahead?

An interstate tour is definitely at the top of my list for this year. Growth of my event’s brand is another goal that I would like to achieve, to the point where I can work in the music industry full time!


Where can people catch Joram Flynn playing?

You can catch me at any of my upcoming shows at Railway Hotel & Penny Black in Brunswick & Brown Alley!


Any advice for people considering entering Your Shot?

Be different. There’s so many DJs out there playing the same types of music. Constantly be looking out for fresh new music to play and think outside the box with your DJ sets and you will go far with your career!


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