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Miicha is the overall Contestant Winner of Your Shot Melbourne in 2016! Since their time as a duo act in the competition, Miicha have secured several residences across Victoria, performed interstate and have experienced their first international set at Your Paradise in Fiji! We recently sat down with the girls of Miicha to discuss the highlights of their time at the island festival, their experience in the Your Shot competition, suggestions for this year’s hopeful applicants and goals for the year ahead!



How was the sun-soaked adventure that is Your Paradise? Talk us through it, from take-off to touching back down in Australia.

Best week of our lives. From performing at the floating day club Cloud Nine, to boat cruises with Cut Snake and making lifelong friends, Your Paradise is hands down the best festival you will ever go to, let alone perform at. We were lucky enough to play twice throughout Your Paradise, once at Cloud Nine (this ridiculously amazing floating day club) and on mainstage at prime time (played opening day at 8pm before Paces), and they both were truly unforgettable experiences. Not to mention seeing Skrillex’s 5 hour set was pretty life changing.


How were you guys feeling as you stepped up behind the decks?

Our first set was Cloud Nine and we soon realised Jaimi was too short to even push the buttons on the CDJs, so after a mad rush to find a box to put her on we were too stressed to even be nervous for the set! For our Mainstage set we felt as nervous as the final Your Shot playoff, but by the time we got up on stage and were overlooking a huge crowd cheering us on, we were honestly more excited than anything!


How was your set? What did you play?

AMAZINGGGGG! Cloud Nine we played hip hop, tropical and deep house, we had this guy going off in front of us the whole time and losing it at every song and turns out it was Generik (greatest man ever btw)! Mainstage we played trap, drum and bass and grime and we had the most insane crowd response EVER. People on shoulders were getting out their tune rags, we were instantly bombarded by people when we finished playing and went to join the party, and we even had punters posting on the Your Paradise page begging to put us back on.


What was the highlight of your time at Your Paradise?

Although playing our sets were incredible, seeing Skrillex go for FIVE HOURS whilst buying the entire crowd beers and stopping the music so a guy could propose to his girlfriend – seriously it was the highlight of the festival. Skrillex even came out and met all the fans when he finally stopped playing, was truly a once in a lifetime experience.


Did you meet any interesting people?

Too many to mention! Seriously, just go and look at the lineup for Your Paradise 2016… we met pretty much everyone!


What made you two enter Your Shot?

Jaimi had a controller and was starting to play around with DJing, and Lou plays a gazillion instruments and can sing, so we had discussed doing it and properly learning but never really committed. Then Lou’s friend came and visited us, and she had competed in the Sydney Your Shot a few years ago, she told us it was the most amazing experience so we thought why not! Never thought we’d actually get through, let alone win.


How has your life changed after winning Your Shot?

Absolutely. We’ve made loads of friends, played two other music festivals in addition to Your Paradise and are just about to play support on a nationwide tour!


What was the best part of the whole Your Shot experience?

The best part was the competition days. The whole crowd is soooo supportive, it’s honestly the craziest bender of a weekend you’ll probably ever have!


Has your music style changed since Your Shot?

100%. The bass/trap scene in Melbourne is not as big as other states so we’ve had to accept that and learn how to play other styles of music in a way that still represents who we are as artists. It’s actually really broadened our taste in music and made us become better DJs. You have to learn you can’t always play for yourself, you need to play to your crowd.


What are Miicha’s goals for the year ahead?

To produce a track and to book an overseas gig!


Where can people catch you playing?

You can catch us monthly at our residency at No Chill (Melbourne’s home of bass music) plus at a host of other clubs around Melbourne!


Any advice for people considering entering Your Shot?

Stop considering it and just go for it! You won’t regret it. And when you do enter, our biggest piece of advice is to really open yourself up to the experience. Try to get to know everyone in your class, you will make such amazing friends from it.


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