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We caught up with Melbourne heavyweights Adam Bartas and Dean Paps, who together form the duo Orkestrated. The boys gave us an insight into the Melbourne scene, their main influences and how they came about.

Your Facebook page aptly describes you as the godfathers of ‘Melbourne Sound’, those who have been around for a while longer that this coined term will know of your individual accolades and dedication to the Melbourne underground music scene as a whole. Was there a point in the early days of the popularisation of the term ‘Melbourne Sound’ that you thought labelling the genre could be a bad thing?
I guess we never really saw it as a bad thing, goes back to the old saying “any publicity is good publicity”. If anything, the term helped in creating awareness for the amount of talent that was coming out of Melbourne at the time.

How does it feel to be a part of a movement that has grown from early mornings at Revs to a national export?
Looking back on it, it’s very humbling. In the early days a lot of people were hating on the sound. We continued to persist with it because we were very passionate about the direction we wanted to take. Once more and more people started to jump on the train we knew it was only a matter of time before it broke out of Melbourne. The sound was very different back then though, much more minimal. Now it’s a blend of everything from minimal, dutch, trance, techno etc.

As individual artists you’ve been doing your thing for a decent number of years, tell us about the birth of Orkestrated as a duo, how did you come together?
Pretty boring story really, Adam and I knew each other from High School. Shortly after high school I asked him to play with me at some party’s and it all really started from there. Adam got a name for himself dj’ing solo around town and I’d gathered a bit of momentum with my production so we decided to join forces again and the rest is history. It’s funny cause we started as a duo then decided to dj individually then went back to being a duo again.

Who are some of your greatest musical inspirations?
Like a lot of people we instantly gravitated toward Daft Punk, those guys are simply geniuses. Other artists are Oliver Huntemann, Cirez D, Sebastian Ingrosso (his old stuff) Booka Shade, Phil Kieran, T-Rek, Boogs, Spacey Space, Nick Coleman, Chardy, Audiojack. Too many to mention really.

You guys got to speak at EMC last year, what was that like?
It was amazing. We aren’t the best public speakers so we were a bit nervous but we got over that pretty quickly. Was just great to see that so many people were interested in hearing about the evolution of the sound. Very humbling experience.

Your remix of ‘Whats Love’ drops this week, what else is on the cards production with for Orkestrated?
We have a couple of originals that we are keen to get out very soon, also have a remix for Komes’ new single that drops very soon.

What are 3 key pieces of advice you have for young djs / producers out there?
Be respectful.

Be humble.

Youtube is your best friend when it comes to learning things.


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