Q&A: Will Hall

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Will Hall
Will Hall, the overall Wild Card Winner of Your Shot Melbourne in 2015 has recently arrived home from his overseas set at Snowbombing Festival in Austria. We sat down with Will to discuss the highlights of his trip, favourite acts and what it was like DJing atop a snow capped mountain!



Talk us through your time over at Snowbombing – from when you boarded that plane, to when you stepped onto the beautiful alpine setting of Mayrhofen, Austria.

Walking into the airport I was just thinking about what Mayrhofen would look like, as I’d run into some people in Melbourne who had been there before. Coming from Australia, it’s a long flight and the excitement started to settle even though I could not stop thinking what was on the other side. As I arrived in Munich airport I forgot were I was really. I went to get a bottle of water and had to use my Euro’s to pay and then it clicked. Coming into the ski town of Mayrhofen by car I got my phone out just to take some photo’s of the mountains. The mountains themselves really take you back as there is nothing like it in Australia.  Surprisingly, the temperature was quite bearable and the town was littered with Snowbombinng signs and posters – even the hotel we stayed at was built in the 1600’s. Clean air, great people and amazing views of the snow coming down the mountains really exceeded my expectations.


Describe the feeling of walking out and standing behind the decks at one of Snowbombing’s mountain top stages?

The only way to the mountain stage was either on skis, snowboard or for myself, skidoo. Getting up on a terrace in front of all those people while its snowing is a spectacle in itself. But to play in that kind of scenery was insane. They had all these seats, bars and giant speakers on a mountain and people would just come from no where as the visibility wasn’t great out of the stage area.


Were you nervous? Scared? Excited? All of the above?

I wasn’t too bad actually. I knew my music and had a few days to settle the nerves before the big moment; when I was going up in the skidoo I started getting really excited!


Talk us through your set. What did you play?

I arrived pretty early and I was anxious to play so the organisers said I could go on twenty minutes early. With that extra twenty minutes I got to play some older deep house such as some older Motez remixes. Then played some heavier G-House from the likes of Torren Foot and Hey Sam. After that I moved into my element which is Bass House and some heavier house. I got to play some of my favourites from Tchami and his label and have really been enjoying some of AC Slaters remixes. I got to finish my set with some big tunes from Malaa and Dave Winnel. I was jumping around the whole time and playing up there made an hour and twenty minutes go really fast, I had one of the best times of my life up there. After my set I got to watch some really great acts as well really close up.


Who was your favourite act from your time over there?

If I had to pick one, it would be Fatboy Slim as I have always wanted to see him live and he killed the final night! But watching Krafty Kuts move around 4 decks after my set up on the mountain was remarkable. I was also pleasantly surprised by Craig David live and Hannah Wants.


What did your mates think when you told them you were playing at Snowbombing?

My mates didn’t really believe me to start with but when it finally settled in they were over the moon for me. One mate nearly came with me last minute but he couldn’t find a flight. I was told to never put my phone down and get some happy snaps for them and I think I filled my phone twice with photos!


What was the highlight of the entire trip?

Definitley my performance! I say it out loud now and still think the fact I played at Snowbombing sounds ridiculous. I never thought I would ever get to do something like that and getting to play let alone attend the festival was definitley the highlight.


Why did you enter Your Shot?

I entered Your Shot to have a bit of fun, meet some people and see where it took me. I never thought I’d end up on the other side of the world.


What was the highlight of your entire Your Shot process?

The highlight for me was to be invited back on the second day to play on the big stage as I played in another room on the first day as a Wildcard. Being on the stage with all my mates watching me was insane – such a great event to really step up your DJing.


How would you best describe your music style? Has it changed much in the past year since your set at Your Shot?

My music style mostly resembles Bass House but I still enjoy playing many other heavier genres that stay around the same speed. It hasn’t changed much since Your Shot but has certainly developed into a larger music library as I now absorb a lot more genres.


Any suggestions for this year’s interviewees/contestants?

Be yourself and run around and talk to people – everyone is in the same boat. The Your Shot management team were so approachable and ecstatic to be there. You will meet some great people so really put yourself out there even if you usually don’t. As a person I’m quite reserved until I am comfortable, but try and push your comfort zone and extend yourself.


Current favourite tune that you’ve been pumping into your sets?

I have loved playing the Visiv Club flip of Mike Mago and KC lights song called Daylight. It has a big bass-y drop with some great vocals that really gets a crowd going.


What would you be doing if you hadn’t started DJing or competed in Your Shot?

I would still be DJing at home wanting more out of myself. I have always loved music and always thought to myself,’ I would love to play the music I have out sometime’ Your Shot gave me the opportunity to play my music the way I wanted. From The Royal Melbourne Hotel to Stereosonic and then Snowboming.


What’s one piece of advice you’d give to somebody thinking of registering for Your Shot?

Put yourself out there. I actually registered for the previous year but chickened out and didn’t turn up to the interviews. I never thought anything like this could happen and as they say you’ve got to be in it to win it. The whole competition was a blast, I could have walked home from the Royal Melbourne and been content with the amount of fun I had but my enjoyment continued a little longer. You will meet some people as well as everyone is there for the same reason and you will most likely run into them again.


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