Q&A: Zoolanda

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Zoolanda is an Australian producer and DJ based out of Melbourne. We caught up with him to discuss production, his recent tour with onelove and an upcoming gig in Mexico!


At what point did you realise making music / playing gigs was what you wanted to do for a living?

It was probably around 2012 when I graduated my paramedic degree actually haha, I was starting to play a few venues interstate and saw the bounce that the Melbourne boys were making was getting recognised on a more global level.


Describe your sound using a character from a hollywood blockbuster:

Hmm 2 come to mind.. Flubber and Terminator!


Roar was a bit of a banger! What else is on the horizon for you production wise?

ROAR was a little project where I wanted to showcase as much I could in as little time as possible while keeping to the routs of a dance track. It seemed to work and it’s great to see so many getting behind the record! I’m just about to give away a free original “Come On” so that will be available by the time people read this! As for future releases I have another original finished (waiting for label release date) and a few others in the works as well as a collaboration with fellow Melbourne man WhoKilledMicky who has some amazing records coming out as well. But for now I have been mainly focusing more on original works.


You’ve recently finished touring for Onelove’s Sonic Boombox compilation, what were some of the highlights of the tour?

The tour was amazing! Huge thanks to OneLove, Lucky and especially my partner in crime, Tigerlily. Every gig was incredible but there were a few that stood out for me – Pacha, Billboard, Red Square and Platinum to name a few…would do it all again in a heart beat!


You’re flying off to your first international gig in July! Have you had much thought about how to prepare for a debut gig in Mexico?

Wing it I think haha, no point planning too much otherwise you limit yourself. But it will be a great opportunity to experience their culture and music, there could be more dates announced as well so that could be very interesting!


What advice do you have for young DJs out there?

It’s like any job, an apprenticeship even! You have to work hard and put plenty of time, effort and love into it. Most of all let your music shine through and do the talking 🙂


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