Contestant FAQ

What is Your Shot?
Your Shot will give 100+ new Contestants from each state the opportunity to get their shot. Once selected, Contestants will receive 6 weeks of full DJ training at The Academy, where they’ll learn all the fundamentals of DJing and put together their first ever DJ set. Following their training, each contestant will perform for the very first time at a sold out, two day Showcase Weekend in their state. The winners of each state will score themselves a set at one of the biggest international music festivals around the world.

I have never DJ'd before, can I still enter?
YES! If you are selected into your state's 100+ Contestants, you will receive FULL DJ training and learn all the skills needed to take to the stage and perform your very first club set!

How do I get selected?
Step 1. Submit your info - 'Register Here'. 
Step 2. Attend your state's Registration Day.
If selected, successful applicants will be notified after Registration Day via email & text.

Should I apply to be a Contestant or Wild Card?
Contestants should have zero/very little knowledge of DJing. If you are able to comfortably perform a DJ set using USBs/Rekordbox on CDJS/Controllers, you should apply to be a  Wild Card. If you are selected to be in the Top 100, we will ensure you are placed in the correct category! 

Who receives training?
Contestants (Beginners) will receive 6 weeks of DJ training. Wild Cards will not receive training. Wild Cards should be comfortable putting together / performing a DJ set without undergoing Your Shot training.

Do I need to be 18+ to enter?
YES! All entrants must be over the age of 18 by the time the registration days are held in your state.

How long is the training?
Training will run for 3 hrs each week, for 6 consecutive weeks. If selected, you'll be placed into a class based on your availability. We have classes 7 days a week at all times of the day for anyone who has work, uni, school etc.

I work full time, can I still enter?
YES! You do however need to be available for your allocated training session. We have weekend & night classes too! 

What equipment do we learn on?
Contestants will be taught on Pioneer XDJ-RX3s for the 6 weeks. This equipment will be the same on the Showcase Weekends and all Contestants will use the same equipment.

Do I need to own DJ equipment to enter?
NO! Your Shot will provide all DJ equipment & headphones in the training facilities for you to learn on during your classes. You will however need access to a laptop or computer to download and analyze music.

Do Contestants compete against the Wild Cards? 
NO! Contestants perform against Contestants only and compete for their own International prize! Wild Cards only compete against Wild Cards and compete for a separate prize! 

I have registered in previous years but never made it past the interview stage, can I enter again this year?
YES! Your Shot is open to anyone who has registered and interviewed in previous years as long as they did not make it further than the interview stage of the competition.

I have registered but am unable to make it to the Registration Day. Is there another option?
Unfortunately due to time constraints and the volume of people that need to be interviewed, there can only be one Registration Day in each state which must be attended for a chance to move onto the next stage of the competition. For illness or misadventure contact

I am currently not living in a state that runs the competition. Am I able to register?
YES! If your state is listed on our website, you may register. If Your Shot does not visit your city in 2024 your expression of interest will be saved so we can notify you when it's your turn.

If selected, what do I need to be available for?
You will need to be available for Registration Day, your allocated training time, fortnightly meetings (4 in total) & the Showcase Weekend. Attendance is 100% mandatory - failure to comply will result in your immediate withdrawal from the competition.

What does the training involve?
The training course involves a 3 hour in-person tutorial each week for 6 consecutive weeks. It covers all the essentials to get you confidently up on stage at the Showcase Weekend.

I entered the wrong details on the registration form, does this matter?
If it’s critical you may register again i.e. email / mobile number. If not, we can update it at Registration Day.

How long will the Registration Day run for?
12pm - Late afternoon! You are free to leave once your interview is over but you can stick around to network / enjoy some drinks!

Wild Card FAQ

I was a past Your Shot Contestant in previous years. Am I allowed to enter as a Wild Card in 2024?
NO! Unfortunately we do not accept past Contestants or Wild Cards. You only get one shot.

Will the Wild Cards be competing against the trained contestants?
NO! The Wild Card competition is a stand alone competition. You will be competing against other Wild Cards but not the trained contestants in the main Your Shot competition.

Will the Wild Cards receive training?
NO! Wild Cards should be comfortable putting together / performing a DJ set without undergoing Your Shot training.

I'm going away during the competition. Will this impact my involvement if I'm a Wild Card?
To be a part of the competition you will be required to attend Registration Day, fortnightly meetings (4 in total) and the Showcase Weekend. Attendance is 100% mandatory – failure to comply will result in your immediate withdrawal from the competition.

I have held a residency at a club before, can I still enter?
YES! The Wild Card competition is for DJs that are confident putting together a DJ set on Rekordbox / CDJs. Residents, bedroom DJs, house party DJs etc. are all welcome to apply. We will assess each application on a case by case basis and will move you into the correct category if necessary.

Can we use laptops for Serato, Traktor or other DJ software during the competition?
NO! You will perform on Pioneer XDJ-RX3s with USBs at the Showcase Weekend.

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